Do I Need A Lawyer For My Tennessee Divorce?

Everybody knows how important it is to know what your rights are before signing any contract. If a spouse suggests “keeping lawyers out of it,” you should seek a consultation with an experienced Tennessee divorce attorney. It is important to know your options and to find out what you’re entitled to. Don’t get duped by a spouse that tells you that speaking with an attorney only leads to expensive litigation. Knowing your rights could help settle your case through negotiation or mediation.

What about a "Simple" Divorce?

Have you been married for a short time? If you own no property together, have no children, and can agree on everything— you might not need a lawyer. Most often, your divorce may be more complicated than you think. Child custody does not always go to the parent that’s been the “primary caregiver” throughout the marriage, and alimony is rarely permanent. Stay at home parents are often expected to seek employment and a high salary if they’re college-educated. Do you own a business? Your spouse may be entitled to a share in your business as an equal partner, even if you are the sole owner. Do you have shared property, children, or a business? It’s important to speak to an experienced Tennessee divorce attorney who understands your rights under the law.

Is Hiring a Tennessee Divorce Lawyer Expensive?

Divorce is a leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States. Yes, lawyers are expensive, but getting a bad divorce settlement or verdict is devastating. Very few divorces proceed to trial, with many settling quickly with the help of mediation. In contentious cases, litigation may be necessary. An experienced Tennessee divorce attorney should negotiate a settlement through the life of the case. It’s important to arm yourself with knowledge, so your spouse can’t trick you out of what you deserve. It’s hard to believe that the person who you vowed to spend your life with is now your enemy, but this is often the case with divorce. If your spouse proposes a divorce settlement, be sure to show it to a lawyer before signing it. Hiring an experienced Tennessee divorce lawyer that can get you what you deserve could save you money in the long run.

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