Pienkowski Completes Alternative Dispute Resolution Training

Certificate of Completion Awarded

The Alternative Dispute Resolution course is designed to train and qualify mediators to develop and participate in the conflict mediation process. Alternative Dispute Resolution training focuses on both traditional and non-traditional dispute resolution options, negotiation skills and the most cost-effective and least intrusive methods to achieve the most positive results for both parties. 
“I’ve been a part of several mediations over the course of my career and I’ve learned quite a bit from those experiences. However, by attending and completing this dispute resolution training, it has allowed me to gain insight to new techniques and expectations held by mediators that allow me to add another layer to my strategy when negotiating on behalf of clients. I’m so excited to have completed this course and apply the knowledge gained so that I may bring even more value to my clients and their families.”
The ADR certificate of completion is awarded to students who have completed the 46-Hour Family Mediation Training offered by the Tennessee Mediation School.

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