Thinking About Adoption in Tennessee?

How is Adoption Defined in Tennessee?

Adoption is the legal, statutory process to permanently transfer the parental rights and responsibilities from the child’s biological family to an adoptive family.

What are the parental requirements in Tennessee?

There are several requirements to adopt a child in the state of Tennessee. For adoption to proceed, a residence in Tennessee must be maintained for at least six months. Second, adoptees must have had physical custody of the child to start with or be able to show the court that they have the right to receive physical custody of the child. Third, a home study must be completed. 

Most potential parents must undergo a home study to determine if the home is an appropriate place for the child. However, instances in which a home study may be waived, occur when the potential parents are also foster parents to the child or the home has already been approved. When approval is present, it comes as part of a prior case.

In order for the home to be approved, it must be demonstrated that the adoption is in the best interest of the child. Many families are eligible to become parents. Likewise, there are currently no prohibitions against same-sex couples or other individuals from pursuing adoption. If you are ready to begin the legal process, I am ready to help you get started. To learn more about how we may serve your family, please set up a call or free consultation.

Who is eligible for adoption in Tennessee?

Families eligible for adoption include:

  • Singles
  • Other family members
  • non-citizens
  • Parents whose rights were previously terminated
Adoption in Tennessee

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